Hiatus – The Party Rests

Hello everyone! If you haven’t already heard from our social media accounts, the Split The Party Podcast will be on a hiatus as Alex and Amanda get their parenting feet.

During this time, we will be investigating new directions for this show as we adjust to our new commitments. So don’t be surprised when we return!

We hope to return to a regular schedule in the Fall, if not before then. Until then, keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook pages (which you can find by clicking the links below) for any updates on whats to come. You can also keep up to date with the hosts by following their Twitter accounts, which you can find on our About page.

Now, don’t panic. The dreaded H word in the podcasting world has typically been seen as a death sentence. Rest assured that the folks behind the podcast are passionate about returning to producing content when the time is right. To help make sure it happens, you can engage with us on social media to help keep that passion alive!

Thanks for your support.

-Alex & the Party