On a Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio, six dorks gather around a table to tell jokes, talk, and have drinks. Occasionally during these festivities, a pen and paper roleplaying game will break out. At the end of the night, when the dice stop rolling, conversation continues and some of these words are directed towards a set of microphones.

The Split The Party podcast is what happens when these microphones are recording. The party cast shoot the breeze on a variety mostly Star Wars and gaming based topics in a casual affair.

Alex (@The_m01e)

Alex is a mechanical engineer in Cleveland, Ohio and has been playing RPGs since he was in middle school. Alex enjoys designing board and role playing games, playing the Pokemon trading card game, and competitive Rocket League. Outside of gaming, he also enjoys working on and driving cars and motorcycles, 3D printing, and general cooking. Look for him at Acadecon and the Origins Game Fair if you’re there!

Amanda (@AmandaStarG)

Amanda is a dog-loving, strength-dex wizard personified. She is a lover of cosplay, books, anime and practically all things nerdy. Her favorite author is Brandon Sanderson and loves magic and romance – especially together. She also happens to be Alex’s beautiful and talented wife, who keeps things from dissolving into chaos. She is also accused, perhaps rightly, of being a power gamer.

Brian (@DarthWobbuffet)

Brian is a wetland scientist from the Cleveland, Ohio area. He’s been playing tabletop RPGs since high school, as both a GM and a player. He enjoys analyzing game mechanics and how they affect the play experience. His favorite pop culture fandoms (in no particular order) include Star Wars, Tolkien, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, Zelda, Firefly, the MCU, and Harry Potter, among others. Outside of gaming his other interests include backpacking, hiking, birding, science (it’s so amazing!), and homebrewing (beer).

Bronte (@bronte_ab)

Bronte was captured in the industrial suburban outskirts of Ohio by Curtis in 2017. She likes to write poems, has a graduate degree in poetry, and gets paid for nothing. Suddenly sucked into the world of RPGs, she enjoys the impulsivity of seemingly creepy cute characters and gets emotionally invested in every animal she sees. She is known for tripping a blind boy in kindergarten and wants to be clear he was only “legally” blind…it was an accident. She is sorry to this day.

Curtis (@politicfish)

Curtis was discovered by Alex and his wife Amanda in 2015, abandoned in the wilderness of Oxford, Ohio. He gets paid for pushing people out of treetops and for wrangling high school students. The rest of his time is spent dreaming of the Star War, watching pretentious tv shows, and thinking of RPGs that will never be written.