Sixteen Stars: A Sci Fi Horror RPG

The hallway ahead is pitch black. Frost starts to accumulate on the inside of your visor. You hear a noise behind you that sounds like something metal being dragged along the ground. Do you turn around, and do you dare look back?

Sixteen Stars is a small RPG designed to invoke the suspense one feels with science fiction horror. Inspired by films like Alien, The Thing, and more, players will have to work their way through an off world mining colony to save themselves. Sixteen Stars core rules revolve around the dice bag, which players will pull both good and bad dice from as they try to overcome obstacles and hopefully not create too much noise doing so.

Sixteen Stars is currently in a beta form, and will be worked on and improved as more feedback is acquired. If you want to check it out and play with your friends, click on the download link below.


If you want to contribute to the development of Sixteen Stars, please send it to @The_M01e or @SplitPartyPod on Twitter